Selling or Buying a House

It is becoming common practice for the banks to request an “engineer's certificate” for the timber roof structure on properties for re-sale before granting a loan. In the same way as an electrical certificate is required when property ownership changes, this sensible practice is a safeguard against unpleasant surprises which may be “hiding” in the roof and which will, typically, cost the new owner of the property between R40,000 and R120,000 to remedy.

 The value of this "peace of mind" is obvious especially when roof spaces often remained unseen for many years and are usually very dark and dirty places with limited accessibility where no one really wants to go. It is just such areas where latent structural problems, requiring expensive solutions, fester for many years unnoticed.

Many contracts of sale for domestic properties now include a clause which makes the validity of the “offer to purchase” conditional upon a Roof Certificate, signed by a competent structural engineer, being provided by the seller to the buyer. (In fact, if you think about it, it would be very unwise not to have such a clause.)

Roof Inspection Services cc is probably the most respected and experienced company in South Africa able to provide this valuable and relatively inexpensive service which could save many tens of thousands of Rands!!!!!

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