Background and
services of RIS:

Roof Inspection Services cc (RIS) was formed in 1999 by Victor Booth and Ken Downhams both professional engineers. Sadly both engineers have now passed away, Ken in July 2008 and Victor in December 2011.
Richard Bailey, with 24 years experience in the roofing industry, has now taken over the company and is running it in partnership with Victor's widow, Hilary.  All of Victor's records and correspondence are therefore still accessible.  RIS is also covering all of the Professional Indemnity costs for RIS work done by Ken and Victor.


The raison d'etre of RIS is to provide a comprehensive inspection service on timber roof structures and, once satisfied that the roof structure will provide long term service/performance, to supply all the necessary certification to satisfy the requirements of the National Building Regulations (NBR), local authorities and the National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC) and to give "peace of mind" to the homeowner.

(N.B. Local authorities have the power to prevent occupation of a domestic dwelling unless there is an engineer’s Roof Certificate on their file.)

The Engineering Certification of timber roof structures is not a new concept but one which local authorities/municipalities are now being tasked to fully implement in terms of the Act¹ which statutorily governs the National Building Regulations. In addition the NHBRC also need formal engineering certification to comply with their own statutory, technical requirements². Collectively this can create a costly administrative burden on both the builder and the homeowner. RIS reduce this burden substantially.

All it takes is one phone call and we will do the rest!!

  1. The National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act

  2. The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act

The Institute for Timber Construction, (ITC), which is the timber roof industry’s monitoring body, has lobbied for many years with government, local authorities and other major role players to ensure that statutory requirements are met and that the homeowners right to have a safe structure over their heads is enforced.

 RIS brings together a well positioned, well organized and well managed team of trained, specialist roof inspectors who, at minimal cost (compare an inspector’s hourly rate to an engineer’s hourly rate!) provide an invaluable and affordable service for your “peace of mind” and your family’s safety.

Tel: (011) 658-1022  /  Fax: (011) 658-1021 / P.O.Box 675, Jukskei Park, 2153. South Africa

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